TROLLBRIDGE24 – 12 to 24 Volt Battery Charger/Combiner

Troll24 (1)Trolling Motor Onboard Charging System.

 Introducing the Trollbridge24 to the Australian market.

Charge your 24 volt Trolling Batteries from your 12 volt Outboard Motor.

Outperforms and also much cheaper than the DC to DC chargers currently being sold for this purpose in the Top End.

How does it work?

The Trollbridge24® Combiner allows you to charge your 24 volt trolling motor battery from the 12 volt alternator on your main outboard engine.

It works by automatically putting two 12 volt batteries in series when you need to run the trolling motor and in parallel for charging.

It is bi-directional so when not trolling, the trolling booster battery backs up your starting or house battery.

The Trollbridge24 is suitable for installations with alternators up to 100 amps and 24 volt trolling motors up to 85 amps.

For more information refer to the manufacturer’s specific details.

Owner’s instruction manual:



  • Fully automatic, no switches or connectors to change
  • Both batteries operate in parallel when not trolling
  • The troll battery can be used as a house or starting battery even when trolling
  • The two trolling batteries do not have to be matched or balanced
  • A normal 240 volt – 12 volt charger will charge all batteries
  • Works with minimal 2 battery systems or in conjunction with a house battery
  • Can be conveniently located with the batteries
  • Rated for 12 volt alternators up to 100 amps
  • Rated for 24 volt trolling motors up to 85 amps
  • Green LED indicates 24 volt output active
  • Nearly UNLIMITED warranty
  • Charging is done at 12 volts so your motor never sees charging voltages
  • Over 99% efficient – faster charge – no wasted power – no heating
  • Waterproof – will operate submerged in salt water
  • Ignition rated for explosive atmospheres
  • No voltage drop so batteries reach full charge
  • No voltage drop so motor gets full power
  • No wasted power, no heat sink or cooling required
  • No modification to alternator or 12 volt engine wiring
  • Simple 5 wire basic installation
  • Comes with all cables for basic hook-up
  • Draws no current when off – no on/off switch needed
  • No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted
  • Withstands ambient temperature to over 80 degrees C

Troll24BatA Troll24BatB Troll24BatC