Portable Dual Battery System

Revive Batteries has obtained special pricing from a well known Australian supplier to provide portable dual battery systems at affordable prices. ABR Sidewinder is well known in the 4×4 and vehicle accessory market for providing quality aftermarket products.

These battery systems avoid the issues and high prices of installing traditional under bonnet dual battery systems. They can also be used as a 3rd battery running off existing dual battery systems in vehicles. DIY installation is a simple procedure.

The concept is to make it as flexible as possible for the customer. The options can be customised to suit most individual requirements or one of the standard systems may be more economical.

Once a suitable system is decided upon, it is then a matter of selecting the correct deep cycle battery to suit the intended use and power requirements. We highly recommend Power AGM Batteries to suit most applications. The most popular sizes are 105 or 130 amp hour.

The main application for these Portable Dual Battery systems is for in vehicle use so they are charging off your existing battery system when the vehicle is running. They can be customised to accept charging from 240 volt outlets or solar systems.

The beauty of these systems is that you can use them for different applications without the added cost of having multiple dual battery systems installed. All you need is a plug in each location. For example: you could have the unit installed in the rear of your car or ute – then move it to your boat when you go fishing – use it when you are camping and charge via solar – or move it into your camper trailer / van when you are travelling – take it out when you get home and recharge it via a 240 volt outlet so it’s always ready – there are many applications.

In most situations, these units will not be subject to the extreme heat and vibration stresses that batteries suffer with normal under bonnet dual battery systems in the Top End. Another advantage is that you can easily remove them when you sell the vehicle.



This base model is as seen above. It has no isolator or cabling supplied and is a stand-alone unit that can be charged via an in car DC to DC charger – solar applications – or via a 240 volt smart charger.

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flyer-with-cableSame as option 1 but with 6 metre Charge Cable and Auto Reset Breaker included. Best suited for direct wiring to an existing isolator or mounted DC to DC charger.




The ultimate complete unit designed to replace the need for an under bonnet dual battery system. This is truly portable 12 volt power. Simply place the FLYER anywhere in the vehicle where you have space, connect the 6 metre charge cable and the system is working. The FLYER MK3 is fitted with a fully automatic dual battery isolator to protect the starting battery from being drained by any connected accessories.

Features For All Models

  • Supplied with Anderson plugs for quick removal. A Battery status monitor is fitted to the lid.
  • Fitted with 1x 15 amp lighter socket, 1x 20 amp Hella socket and 1x 50amp
  • Anderson plug makes connecting fridges and other accessories quick and easy.
  • Supplied complete with fuses. The FLYER can hold up to a 130 amp hour battery.
  • Battery is not included. We recommend Power AGM sealed batteries when using the unit in the passenger cabin.
Front view - Connection terminals, Cigar socket, LED battery meter and switch

Front view – Connection terminals, Cigar socket, LED battery meter and switch

3B. ABR-SIDEWINDER - FLYER MK 3 - Lid rear view

Rear view – Hella socket with free plug, 2x 50A Anderson connectors

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